Mars Song, 2019

concert, six-channel sound composition, synth, voice
In collaboration with Constantin Engelmann. Canonic practice and Synth: Augustin Maurs. Voice: Amelie Baier.

The imaginary field recording coming from the speakers reproduces a windy atmosphere. The sound is based on algorithms derived from the weather model by Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, IPSL – the Mars Climate Database. From the wind emerges a genderless voice, describing an imaginary stay on the planet.  

Live, a voice and a synth interact and dialogue with each other based on a canonic exercise by Augustin Maurs: the singer should reproduce three times, as accurately as she can, the sounds and pauses emitted by the synth. However, as the synth player plays more sounds than she could actually remember, this creates a composition based on human error, or imagination.

In 2018 the InSight rover from Nasa, shortly after being landed on the planet, sent us the first recording of the martian wind. This was the first audible record of the planet that we ever received. This recording has been regarded as inspiration for the piece.

Mars is the land of dreams; we have never visited it, seen it or heard its sound, nevertheless throughout centuries and cultures the planet has inspired countless ideas of parallel realities. Even if it has been discovered through telescopes, satellites and machines it still fosters the imagination of many, also during these apocalyptic and anthropocenic times.