Shot at Berlin Alexanderplatz, the performative short movie Alexanderplatz plays with the location. Alexanderplatz is a well-known symbol of Berlin, a must-see for tourists, and a transit or shopping area for the people who live in the city. With this film we explore the public square, its historical and contemporary architecture and the people interacting with it. The actions of the usual passenger are sometimes underlined and emphasized by seven performers, who interpret their own ideas about Alexanderplatz. The architecture is shown casually, not to describe the place in a continuous way or to give a map to the viewer, but to form a composition that can only exist on the screen. The film is a subjective documentary. The story it narrates is implicitly shown in the images. It’s a contemporary portrait of a historical part of Berlin, which was destroyed during the 2nd World War, then rebuild by the German Democratic Republic and now it’s slowly being destroyed again. Partly by building new old styled architectures or new gigantic shopping malls. Through that process the proportion of the former architectural ensemble disappears and new buildings imbalance the surrounding structure. Simultaneously, the people being there day after day build the real public square. With their interactions, they unknowingly modify and acknowledge the constructions all around. In fact, they represent Alexanderplatz and they’re absolutely what’s the most interesting to see.

CAST Christin Wilke, Philipp Klein, Constantin Engelmann, Mario Saravanja, Marcel Engelmann, Juliane Köhler and many more.

PRODUCTION, DIRECTION, EDITING Elisa Storelli and Nadja Krüger CINEMATOGRAPHY Nadja Krüger SOUND Constantin Engelmann, Elisa Storelli SOUND MIX Jochen Jezussek CO-PRODUCTION Institute for Time Based Media, University of the Arts Berlin