Performance at Walcheturm Zürich 2018
Performance at Walcheturm Zürich 2018, Photo: Lorenzo Pusterla

Atomistic is a dialogue between two artworks: Time Piece (Seconds) and Neocortex. Both works deal with ideas about the perception of time continuity and its division into smaller parts. Each of them, however, engages another of our senses. One is a polyrhythmic arrangement of pulsating lights, an impression-evoking visual work; the other is a slow-motion noise composition, an auditory experience. The first is one continuous oscillation, the latter is a narration developing in time, with a clear beginning and end. It is by combining the two in space that a multi-sensual experience is triggered. The two artworks influence and complement one another: one is eternal, the other represents an event. Thanks to the development of the sound narration it is possible to peer at Time Piece (Seconds) for a longer time. The auditory stimuli from Neocortex mislead our visual reception: sometimes the lights seem to pulsate differently.