Parking lots are functional architectonic construction, an important builded sign of our society. Their necessity make them visible everywhere, but by being blind spots of the city map, a sort of non-place, they became pop-myths’ crime favorite location. Walking through a car park means going fast, avoiding people, whispering and reluctantly getting hold back. The video work stages the tension between the functionality of this kind of location and the psychological behavior formed during the last decades throughout narratives. Short performative acts based on classical scenes stereotypes modulate the space; the architecture seems to coldly swallow the performers. The sound and the music is played and recorded on location. Modified by the architecture, and naturally mixed with the surrounding soundscape.

CAST Muriel and Giorgia Del Don, Philipp Klein, Matthias Klein, Clemens Jahn

PRODUCTION, DIRECTION, EDITING Elisa Storelli and Nadja Krüger CINEMATOGRAPHY Nadja Krüger SOUND Constantin Engelmann, Elisa Storelli SOUND MIX Jochen Jezussek CO-PRODUCTION Institute for Time Based Media, University of the Arts Berlin