sin1.0 in Atina, Italy
Time Piece (Additive Synthesis Bell), Motto Berlin

This installation changes time in Town. Its bell strikes the hours according to the sci-fi time System Sin 1.0. In place of the regular hours in UTC time, the hours in system sin 1.0 are spread along a sinusoidal curve, so that their duration varies throughout the day. In system sin 1.0 time, as in ancient Rome, day and night are fixed by sunrise and sunset. Between these solar events, sin hours shorten towards noon and midnight. As the duration of daylight increases or decreases slightly every day, the duration of sin hours varies proportionatly. sin1.0 is to be programmed on a church bell. In 2015, an iteration of the work took place in Atina, Italy. Alternatively, the work exists as the sound installation Time Piece (Additive Synthesis Bell): in this case the bell is a digital sound to be set up in the exhibition space.