Time Piece (The Mysterious Island)

Time Piece (The Mysterious Island), a public installation, Time Piece (UTC -10h), a mechanical bell, and the publication 35°60’S, 150°38’W are three works that relocate to Locarno the passing of time on Ernest-Legouvé Reef. Discovered in the beginning of the 20th century, near the location of the fictitious Lincoln island of Jules Verne’s book ‘The Mysterious Island’, the reef has since been reported in many atlases, even though it doesn’t appear to exist anymore. Time Piece (The Mysterious Island) is a night sundial that shows the time with a beam of light, representing the shadow that a vertical sundial would produce on the island. Light becomes the shadow of a neverland. Time Piece (UTC -10h) strikes every full hour with the time in the mysterious island’s time zone. Printed on the postcard 35°60’S, 150°38’W and on the wall is the satellite image of the location where the island should be found.